Do YouTube Downloaders steal Money from Content Creators

We all know that anyone with internet access has the opportunity to create content, upload YouTube mp4 videos, and embark upon the opportunity to earn a lot of money online. The success stories on YouTube do pique a lot of people’s interest, making them wonder…. ‘How much do YouTubers really make?!’. Unfortunately, for the majority of YouTube content creators, the answer to that question is likely ‘nothing’. Success is no guarantee in showbiz, but, for the ones who manage to figure out the YouTube equation, they’re able to make a full time living and career from YouTube.

How Does YouTube Pay its Content Creators?

Once a YouTuber has reached 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of view time in the past 12 months, they can then apply to receive a percentage of the ad revenue on their channel through the YouTube partnership program. After they are in the program, they are then eligible to activate their videos to display ads and earn Google adsense revenue.

The ad revenue that is paid out is based on a changing algorithm, calculated based on a number of factors, including views per video, country of viewing, channel size and time of year, among others. Based on these factors, YouTube will determine the amount of ad revenue to charge an advertiser and will pay out between 55-68% of ad revenue for their videos. On average the payout for 1000 views(CPM) is $1-$2. This rate does change regularly. Another option is cost per click advertising, which relies on people clicking on the ad.

Advertising is the most straight forward way of monetizing a video on a content creator’s YouTube channel. If a video does not meet YouTube’s monetization criteria, it does stand the possibility of being demonetized. In that case, there are other ways that same video can be monetized again.

How Else Do Content Creators Make Money on YouTube?

Aside from making money directly from YouTube, there are several other ways that creators generate money from their videos, that are more reliable and consistent for them.

  1. Direct Sales

    Many businesses upload videos to YouTube as a method of lead generation to directly sell products and services they offer, both online and offline.

  2. Sponsorships

    Whether they do it directly themselves or through the help of a management agency, many channels and streamers receive sponsorships for the content they create. These sponsorship arrangements are essentially advertising deals done directly between creator and advertiser. Sometimes, the creator receives free product or services in exchange for featuring the company, and other times they receive cash in hand.

  3. Affiliate Links

    Another way money is made online is by promoting and featuring other people’s products and services and receiving a cut when sales are made. For channels that do a lot of product reviews, this method is a definite money maker. With a large following, this can be a very lucrative revenue for a creator, our Youtube Downloader Team takes places in some affilite ads on other websites.

  4. Monthly Donation/Membership

    There are now crowd funding type platforms, like Patreon, where content creators can offer an exclusive members-only inside peak in exchange for a monthly donation. This is one way that creators are able to build a community of their biggest fans and develop a more direct and deeper connection with them.

This covers the primary ways that the majority of content creators are making their money.