Legality of Youtube Downloader Apps

The video content that you’re accessing on Youtube is already available to its users for free, but Youtube does profit off the data they collect through advertising and other methods. Although it is against their policies and procedures, it is not illegal to download from Youtube without a premium membership.

In this case, the downside for YouTube is that they won’t receive the ad revenue if the content is being downloaded and watched with a free YouTube downloader or youtube to mp3 converter, instead of streaming directly from YouTube. Also, advertisers won’t get the opportunity to use that viewing as a chance to show their ads to people. Instead, they’ll continue to innovate and find new ways to market their products and services.

What if I want to use content for commercial purposes?

Content that is saved with an online video downloader from YouTube is only for personal use purposes. This content is only to be used for personal use and not for commercial use. If you need to utilize content from a YouTube video for commercial purposes, contact that YouTube channel directly to discuss the options they provide.

Does it affect content creators?

Depending on how the channel is monetized, it may or may not make an impact to their revenue. Not every YouTuber is eligible to be paid for there videos. When a YouTuber is not eligible for payout for their content, YouTube still places ads on the video, and keeps all of the advertising dollars generated from displaying ads on that video. When a content creator is eligible for monetization, the amount of money they receive from a viewed ad on their video is also a very small fraction of what google receives for that ad. Many content creators turn to different, more reliable methods to monetize their content and earn an income.